There’s magic in the air, and no trip to Haines is complete without visiting the Sea World/Whale Rider Galleries. Founded by artist Tresham Gregg, visitors are welcomed to climb aboard the Galactic Spirit Canoe for a trip like no other—straight into the wild imagination of a native Alaskan artist. The multi-medium fantasy artist commands a variety of mediums, though woodcarving is his most beloved.

You’ll also find paintings, metal works, silk screen prints, jewelry and even puppetry. Stick around for the supernatural stage shows showcasing his puppet masterpieces or arrange for a special performance at your event. Gregg’s career began when he was a teen in nearby Fort Seward, driven by his immersion in Native arts and crafts thanks to his Boy Scout Troop.

A World Apart

Gregg still creates Native regalia and masks, and performs himself at Native Legends shows around the area. By connecting the world of animals with the sea, land, sky and spirit realm, Gregg has created a  universe where the wild adopts human traits with an other-worldly twist.

He describes his approach as a blend of Northwestern Coast Native spirituality and Hindu mythology. Gregg has traveled around the world to immerse himself in cultures, most recently showcasing in Guatemala with a Mayan troupe. Find out more about his work, visit the gallery and check out upcoming performances at the official site.