Port Chilkoot Distillery was created in 2013 by Heather Shade and Sean Copeland, making it Southeast Alaska’s first craft distillery. Since its opening, Port Chilkoot Distillery has won nine national awards, including the highly prestigious double gold medal for its 50 Fathoms Gin at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Besides its popular spirit, Port Chilkoot Distillery offers rye, bourbon, absinthe, and vodka. This Distillery creates 18,000 bottles per year, but the company is doubling production with a new production building, expanding its offering rooms, tasting rooms, and penetrating other parts of the country. Cocktails that mix local ingredients and company spirits are available for purchase in the distilleries post and beam tasting room overlooking the beautiful Chilkoot Inlet in Fort Seward.

This local distillery handcrafts batches of spirits that represent the unique flavors and character of Southeast Alaska. Just up the hill from the cruise ship dock in the city is Fort Seward, which is now part of the mix that makes the City of Haines one-of-a-kind.

The Distillery is inspired by the rustic Southeast Alaska setting, which is an inspiration for the owners (Heather Shade and Sean Copeland). Port Chilkoot Distillery primarily produces whiskey, vodka, and Gin. This manufacturer is a family-owned and operated business and wholesaler of craft spirit beverages. Port Chilkoot Distillery has a production facility with six employees on site. Most recently, the company has expanded its facility and begun to export products (distilled spirits) to California, Washington, Michigan, and Illinois. Port Chilkoot Distillery’s line of (five) distilled spirits is 50 Fathoms Gin, Green Siren Absinthe, Wrack Line Rye, Icy Strait Vodka, and Boatwright Bourbon.

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