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  1. Best Nature & Wildlife Tours in Haines Alaska

    Located 75 miles north of Juneau and 14 miles south of Skagway, Haines is only 45 miles from the United States-Canadian border. This city has one of the most scenic beauties, wildlife, and culture.  Being such a beautiful place, it should not be surprising the several tours available that offer you a way to get…

  2. Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

    Suppose you’re looking for the ultimate eagle adventure. In that case, Haines should be your first choice, especially during winter when the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve boasts the biggest natural eagles feasting meeting on late runs of salmon. The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve was created in 1982 to protect one of the most significant…

  3. Museums in Haines, Alaska

    Whether you are looking for exploratory activities or want to deepen your knowledge, Haines has you covered. All the museums available at Haines will take you back in time and give you an in-depth look at the history of many topics. Check out these museums Haines has to offer. Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center Website Klukwan…

  4. Chilkoot River

    Located in Southeast Alaska, the Chilkoot River extends about 20 miles from its site and covers over 100 square miles of a watershed area. The source of the river is located west on the Takshanuk Mountains, the Freebee glacier, and the remaining unnamed mountains to the east. From its site, the river’s upper reach extends…

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