The friendly and knowledgeable staff have heard every “hammer time” joke you can dream up—and have a few of their own. How can a museum all about hammers be such a blast? You’ll be surprised to discover the intriguing history behind this common tool, and the Hammer Museum is dedicated to preserving the history, legends and evolution of the world’s very first tool.

Cultures throughout history have created and utilized hammers in some capacity, from the pharaohs to the latest modern luxury editions. Whether two inches big or twenty feet long, visitors will feel like a tool if they don’t check out this one of a kind Haines experience.

Tools of the Trade

With over 2,000 hammers on display and a special exhibit on hickory-handle making, it’s incredible that such a seemingly simple tool has such a rich background. A few highlights include the Stove Top Lifter, Saw Setting and Swaging Hammer, Dental Hammers, Coors Ceramic Hammer and much more.

Zany historical artifacts like the very first dog food company who utilized inappropriate gifts (like hammers!) in exchange for proofs of purchase are on display. You’ll see photos of Carrie Nation yielding her hammer, one of many tools she used when going on saloon rampages.

What will you discover?