Established in 1984, Dejon Delights is a beloved local establishment in Haines, Alaska, known for its tradition, family values, and prime location.

The shop’s inviting rustic wooden facade pays homage to the town’s rich maritime heritage. Upon entering, visitors are enveloped in the alluring aroma of smoked fish, while vintage fishing gear adorning the walls evokes nostalgia for days spent on the open sea.

Dejon Delights is renowned for its exquisite selection of smoked seafood, sourced directly from the pristine waters of Alaska. Among the culinary delights are the tender flakes of smoked cod, infused with the tantalizing essence of smoldering wood, and the impeccably smoked salmon, bathed in the delicate flavor of alderwood. For those with a heartier appetite, the halibut offers a succulent, flaky texture that transports you to the icy depths of the Gulf of Alaska.

Beyond its seafood offerings, Dejon Delights tantalizes the palate with an array of Alaskan-made specialties, each boasting a unique connection to the region’s rugged terrain and vibrant culture. Birch syrup, harvested from the majestic birch trees that dot the Alaskan landscape, offers a sweet alternative to traditional maple syrup. Meanwhile, alder-smoked sea salt adds a touch of adventure to everyday meals, and fireweed honey captures the essence of Alaska’s untamed beauty in each golden drop.

Dejon Delights proudly offers reindeer summer sausage for those seeking a taste of Alaskan tradition. This savory delicacy pays homage to the state’s indigenous heritage alongside king salmon jerky, the perfect companion for wilderness excursions. No visit would be complete without sampling the vibrant flavors of Alaska’s wilderness in the form of salmonberry jelly, a jar of sunshine handcrafted from the vibrant berries that adorn the landscape.

At Dejon Delights, every product is a testament to resilience and community, proudly showcasing the spirit of the Last Frontier. From the pure sea salt to the smoked sockeye salmon strips, each item is a masterpiece, reflecting the dedication and craftsmanship of Alaskan artisans.

When your journey takes you to Haines, Alaska, let your senses guide you to Dejon Delights. Whether you’re seeking edible souvenirs or a chance to immerse yourself in the flavors of the Last Frontier, this cozy shop promises an unforgettable culinary experience that captures the essence of Alaska’s untamed wilderness.


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