Maybe you have already heard about the common things or places that you can do and visit in Alaska, like hiking, kayaking or maybe observing some wildlife creatures. But wait, have you ever heard about the unusual and yet cool places that you can visit in Alaska? Just like these:

Hammer Museum

Hammer Museum, believe it or not, but this museum is one of the only museums in the whole world that is devoted only to hammers. It is believed that you can find more than 1,400 of them on display in this place. Amazing, right? This museum is not hard to locate due to the very large hammer displayed on the front of the building.


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Arctic Brotherhood Hall

Arctic Brotherhood Hall is located in the historical corridor of Skagway. The reason why it is called Arctic Brotherhood Hall was that they stand for the Arctic Brotherhood which is a fraternal organization that was formed in 1899. This hall stands out because of its unusual design. The whole building is covered with thousands of sticks and pieces of driftwood and has giant letters spelling out the initials “AB”.

Red Onion Saloon

Red Onion Saloon was established in 1898, it was a brothel that catered to lonely miners during the Klondike Gold Rush. The bar and restaurant still remain until now but the “extra services” were long gone. Today, the Red Onion Saloon is a popular dance hall. The place is said to be hosting drag shows and live music events.


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