Discover the allure of downtown Haines, Alaska, where two iconic establishments, the Bamboo Room and Pioneer Bar, have been beloved by locals and visitors alike since 1991. These venues promise an unforgettable fusion of outdoor adventure and culinary excellence.

The Bamboo Room Restaurant transcends the ordinary dining experience by focusing on its specialty: delectable halibut fish and chips. Brimming with knowledge, the staff guides patrons in crafting a unique culinary journey.

Once known for its intriguing past as Lou LaMoore’s bar and brothel, Pioneer Bar has evolved into an energetic venue. It hosts activities such as pool games, Open Mic Night, Karaoke, and Trivia Nights, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled enjoyment. With global tunes igniting the dance floor, the bar aims to craft memorable experiences for visitors.

Did you know that Haines, despite its small size, this town holds a deep respect for its history and pristine wilderness, earning its place among Earth’s most enchanting locales? The Bamboo Room and Pioneer Bar contribute to this rich cultural tapestry.

Whether you’re a seasoned food lover or a newcomer searching for recommendations, the Bamboo Room and Pioneer Bar in Haines, Alaska, are your ultimate destination. Explore specially crafted experiences that await you. Come and immerse yourself in the charm of this remarkable town.


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