Anchorage is home to some of the most impressive museums in the state, including the Alaska Jewish Museum. The home for Jewish art, culture and history is committed to providing a community space that builds cultural bridges. A hub of diversity, the AJM is where stories of the state’s Jewish residents and histories are preserved and shared. From the early territorial days to current industries and government structures, discover the living connections that bind us.

The AJM was founded in 2004 by a group of locals and led by Rabbi Joseph Greenberg from the Alaska Jewish Campus. There was a gap in the community, and a lack of understanding of Jewish history. Rabbi Greenberg wanted to celebrate the many Jewish contributions in both Alaska and the nation.

What to Expect

Discover a variety of permanent and temporary exhibits, an impressive research library and archives, and see how the community has rallied together to tell the story about the state’s Jewish population. You’ll see links between the rich, varying cultures of the state that bring everyone together in the Frozen North.

The latest exhibit is “The Miracle that Didn’t Happen: The Alaska Resettlement Plan,” just opened in May of 2017. There’s also a number of permanent exhibits that showcase how Jewish populations impacted flight in Alaska, photojournalism and much more. Visit the AJM and get a peek into a unique part of Alaska’s present and history.