Located in Dena’ina Elnena, Anchorage combines wild Alaskan beauty, convenient urban amenities, marvelous sceneries, and fascinating culture. Some other things you can find in Anchorage are mesmerizing glaciers, unique hiking trails and parks, the beautiful northern lights, and more; this is why a trip to Anchorage can offer you the best Alaska offers in one place.

Anchorage is the perfect city for every nature lover and thrill-seeking adventurer cause they for sure will find an activity to enjoy: Hiking a mountain, paddling turquoise waterways, wildlife watching, learning about Alaska culture, exploring glaciers, and many more. Here are some things you can do next time you’re in Anchorage.

  • Dog sledding: You can either sit back and enjoy a professional race or look for a tour that will teach you how to command a four-legged team.
  • Fishing: Anchorage has easy access to rivers, saltwater, and lakes; this is why it has earned a spot on Field& Stream magazine’s list of America`s Best Fishing Cities. You can easily find salmon, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, and many more.
  • Flightseeing: Flightseeing tours are available all year round, and they fly you over non-accessible areas that will take your breath away.
  • Gardens: Anchorage is known as “the City of Lights and Flowers” for a reason. This city plants approximately 80,000 flowers in 460 garden beds.
  • Glacier & Wildlife cruises: Get close to a magnificent glacier or the fantastic wildlife with any tours available in Anchorage.
  • Hiking & Ice Climbing: Anchorage offers several hiking and ice climbing experience tours with a wide variety of difficulty range for everyone to join. 
  • Wildlife watching: Grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy Anchorage wildlife viewing opportunities. Look for iconic species like whales, bears, eagles, and moose.
  • Private Boat Chargers: Chartered vessels are an excellent way to build wildlife and glacier-watching cruises. Added to this, some tours offer drop-offs for remote kakaying or camping. 
  • Horseback riding & carriage drives: We know that Alaska is better known for sled dog rides, but horses also play an essential part. 
  • Kayaking, Canoeing & SUP: Paddle through the protected waters near Whittier or the serene Eklutna Lake. You can go on a self-guided trip, or if you join a guided trip, you’ll get special access to remote glaciers and a deeper understanding of Alaska from the shoreline to sea.