This zoo first started with only one baby elephant named Anabelle in 1969. Since then, The Alaska Zoo has expanded to include over 100 animals across 25 acres of the Anchorage hillside. This zoo has the most extensive variety of animals native to Alaska, as well as a handful of exotic animals that are part of an excellent center for education and research that focuses on animal rehabilitation and wildlife conservation.

The Alaska zoo is a non-profit organization that has been operating for over 50 years, serving wildlife, the people from Alaska, and visitors from all over the world. As the only zoo in Alaska, this place proudly provides homes for injured and orphaned Artic and sub-artic species and cold weather animals from other zoos. The Alaska Zoo is home to eagles, brown bears, wolves, polar bears, amur tigers, harbor seals, moose, and more species.

The zoo’s wooded hillside setting allows visitors to get an up-close view of the vast wildlife of the north along the wooded boreal forest w/ grave pathways. Besides the unique wildlife available at this site, The Alaska Zoo offers a coffee shop, a gift shop, and memberships to operate and care for the animals (donations are welcomed, too). This unique zoo takes pride in maintaining a natural setting for all animals and visitors.

The Alaska Zoo offers behind-the-scenes tours during summer, including a VIP experience with a catered box lunch. The zoo is located 10 minutes south of Anchorage’s downtown in the foothills of the scenic Chugach Mountains. The zoo has natural trails winding through the native boreal forest, with a beautiful creek running through the back of the wooded grounds. 

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