The most anticipated Anchorage event of the year has arrived. The Fur Rondy, now in its 83rd year, pays tribute to a time, place and people when entertainment was slim and those rough Alaska winters could really get to residents. It began as a three-day festival during a time when trappers and miners came to town. Now, it’s a ten-day event that draws crowds from around the world.

One of the best-known events is the Running of the Reindeer. This family-fun event is a little homage to the Running of the Bulls, but completely safe and much more adorable. Before and after the race, you can meet the “contestants” and even get a kiss or a selfie with one of the reindeer. Mark your calendars for February 23 – March 4 because the Rondy is an event that can’t be missed.

An Alaska Experience

Head to the Official Rondy Fur Auction and score one of the beautiful jackets, blankets or accessories for yourself. It’s a Rondy event that’s been there since the beginning. The Blanket Toss began in 1950 and marks the arrival of indigenous and Native tribes/communities from around North America.

From the Sled Dog Race featuring teams from around the world to the Rondy Carnival and Outhouse Races, it’s a full ten days of non-stop fun.