Head to 8111 Dimond Hook Drive to enjoy a brewery tour throughout the month of January at Midnight Sun Brewing Company. The free tours showcase more than 40 beers brewed with over 20 yeasts every year in Anchorage. Tours are held Thursdays at 6 p.m., making your thirsty Thursday in Alaska memorable. Meet in the loft, located on the second floor, right before six, and get ready for delicious tastings and a history of unique local brewing techniques.

The company has been brewing lagers and ales since 1995. As the oldest brewery in the city, and second oldest in Alaska, the very first beer—Wolf Spirit Sparkling Ale—was inspired by the founder’s time abroad in Australia. The sophomore ale, Kodiak Brown, remains a favorite in the city. The barrel-aged stouts, barley beers and wines are ideal for the local climate and pair perfectly for winter evenings.

To the Core

Foundational brands include Belgian ales and IPAs. There are also seasonal drinks available. The flagship Sockeye Red IPA is the ideal complement to a seafaring dinner, complete with a malt core that’s suitable for any season. MSB also has a full restaurant and menu with soft pretzel sticks and the Cheddar Ale Soup for a starter. Sharing plates feature bruschetta, “off the hook” dip, the brewer’s cheese plates and meat platters.

Choose from a selection of fresh salads, or dig into one of the many hearty sandwiches like the Three Cheese Squeeze or Loft’wich that changes daily. Take a Peanut Butter Dipper on wheat with berry dipping sauce to go, or take on The Smackdown with pulled pork, tri-tip, bacon and chipotle mayo with a beer cheese sauce.