Japanese food is a perennial favorite in Anchorage, and sushi is a particular favorite. For most people here, sushi is the most appealing part of Japanese cuisine and one of the sought-after staples. Hence, there are dozens of sushi restaurants in this Alaskan state to satisfy fish-on-rice cravings. 

Whether you fancy fresh cuts of sashimi, maguro, or otoro – Anchorage sushi eateries have it all! Check out these best sushi restaurants in Anchorage that don’t skimp on quality and are still affordable. 


Miso Sushi

Website | (907) 344-0980 | 1111 East Dimond Blvd Anchorage, AK 99515

Miso Sushi is a shining light in the constellation of Anchorage sushi restaurants. From the elegant, low-key interior to the charming, unassuming staff to the elegant table settings, everything in this sushi restaurant is thoughtful and welcoming. 

The hype is well deserved – the menu features modern yet authentic dishes that will satisfy foodie pilgrimages. Their top of the list is Sushi Dinner Combo, deep Fried Oreo, Garlic Edamame, Chirashi, Unagi, Baked Salmon Roll, Tempura Udon, Cherry Blossom, Ikura, and Bulgogi.

Chirashi bowls at Miso Sushi are by far the best among all sushi restaurants in town. The sashimi here is generously topped with tobiko and tamago pieces. There’s nothing like it! It’s fresh, delicious, flavorful, and melts in your mouth!


Sushi & Sushi

Website | (907) 333-9999 | 3337 Fairbanks Street, Anchorage, AK 99502

Sushi & Sushi features polished granite tables, serving the best Sushi, teriyaki, maki, sashimi, sake, and beer. Whether it’s for a customer dinner party, corporate event, or group gathering, the restaurant is a perfect sushi destination in Anchorage to stop by!

With Sushi & Sushi in Anchorage, you can enjoy authentic and delicious sushi that you won’t find in the whole town. Their sushi menu includes traditional Japanese Sushi, dinner entrees, and delicious sushi rolls. Poki, cajun tuna sashimi, oysters, herat attack roll & mashed avocado, are also available for customers to enjoy.

The sushi here is a combination of sweet and salty rice topped with thin slices of cooked or uncooked fish. Whether you prefer nigiri sushi or sashimi, you’re sure to enjoy blue fish tuna and smoked daikon pickles. There is no end to the choice of sake menu at Sushi & Sushi –  so you can find the perfect match to complement any dish you like!


Samurai Sushi

Website | (907) 332-1020 | 1265 Muldoon Road, Anchorage, AK 99504

In a relaxed atmosphere, Samurai Sushi offers an assortment of special rolls & classic Japanese dishes (plus drinks). The owner is super sweet and a pleasure to talk to. For over 14 years, Samurai Sushi has delivered delicious sushi dishes to Anchorage residents and outsiders alike. 

It is always a delight to dine here, and the sushi chefs are always entertaining/funny. The restaurant provides reservation services, take-out, catering, and waiter services. Each piece of sushi here is meticulously rolled and cut so that it has the perfect proportion of ingredients. 

Samurai Sushi prides itself on adding no preservatives or MSG to its rolls, and its rice is low in sodium. Guests are treated well by their staff, and their spicy rolls are served with the right amount of spice! Their tempura halibut, yakitori, agedashi tofu, shisamo, lettuce wraps, and California tobiko are worth checking.


Ronnie Sushi

Website | (907) 929-3442 | 8901 Jewel Lake Road, Anchorage, AK 99502

In a warm, colorful space with booths and a sushi bar, Ronnie Sushi offers traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. In addition to offering a family-friendly atmosphere, the restaurant also boasts a chic dining experience. The Ronnie Sushi restaurant in Anchorage provides a pleasant experience to its customers that is worth experiencing. 

In addition to traditional sushi combinations, they also offer a variety of rolls. Enjoy their deep-fried tofu soup, yesenabe, tekka roll, caterpillar roll, dinner box, and tofu mountain. The beer and sake selection at Ronnie Sushi is also extensive. 

The food here is rotated quickly, so everything is super-fresh, and their salmon, tuna, and kingfish sashimi taste great! Ronnie’s elegance paired with fabulous Japanese hospitality makes this place alluring. If you’re hungry, their sukiyaki is worth trying, but all the other humble offerings are also worth checking out!