In Anchorage, you’ll find the best of the east that crossed the Pacific. When visiting this Alaskan city, you can try many different kinds of eastern cuisine, but Korean food is one of the most popular and interesting options! However, to have the best experience, you should find an authentic Korean restaurant regardless of whether you are looking for a taste of home or a different fusion of culinary experiences. 

Check out these best eateries to book a table in Anchorage if you want to satisfy your Korean barbecue hankerings or kimchi cravings! Not only will these places meet your Korean food preferences―but they will also provide you with the best Korean experience! 


WONJO Korean Cuisine

Website | (907) 222-2992 | 515 W Fireweed Ln Anchorage, AK 99503

 WONJO Korean Cuisine, also known as Won Jo Tofu House, is a restaurant in Anchorage worth checking out if you want to try some authentic Korean food. The restaurant is well known for its service and dishes such as steamed dumplings with dipping sauce, seafood tofu soup, and Janchi Guksu. 

At the same time, its Shrimp fried rice, Galbeetang, Kimchi Jjigae, Ddeok Gook, Beef, and Saengseon Maeuntang are considered to be excellent. Moreover, the menu’s prices are reasonable too! 

The restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes made with tofu. Besides, this classic Korean restaurant features delicious Kimchi soups, Jab Chae, and delicious sides that are as authentic as they come! A visit to WONJO Korean Cuisine is a must if you love tasty and varied Hangul dishes.


Jinmi Korean Restaurant

Website | (907) 868-4900 | 4505 Spenard Rd Suite A Anchorage, AK 99517

 Known for its traditional Korean food presented in an artistic manner, Jinmi Korean Restaurant is a must-check Korean dining establishment in Anchorage. A few of their top menu items are fried dumpling soup, stir-fried glass noodles, and bibimbap. 

While the Kimchi Ramyun, Tteokbokk, Korean fried chicken, spicy pork, sliced rice noodles, and beef dumpling soup are all great dishes to choose from during lunch or dinner. The broth here is absolutely delicious, the dumplings are extremely flavorful, and the rice cakes are so soft!

The restaurant offers not only affordable meals but also offers friendly service. During meals, the staff provides genuinely caring service and ensures that customers are happy. You’ll find Jinmi Korean Restaurant easily in Anchorage, and it’s great to consider stopping there for delicious Korean cuisine. 


Home Town Restaurant

Website (N/A) | (907) 277-2211 | 3020 Minnesota Dr Anchorage, AK 99503

 In Anchorage, this popular Korean restaurant has been hailed for its great service, cozy atmosphere, and delicious food. This tiny Korean restaurant serves amazing food despite its humble exterior. If you eat at this restaurant, you’ll feel like you’ve moved into a Korean village. 

Haemul Pajun, Dwaeji bulgogi, Ojinguh bokkum and Budae jigae are top of the menu items. While the soft creamy napa cabbage, crunchy cucumbers, and carrots, loads of squid perfectly tender and smothered in the Gochujang-based sauce are fantastic too! 

You will undoubtedly enjoy their mouth-watering Bulgogi, a dish with juicy meat that is flavorful and tender. No matter if you’re ordering appetizers or banchan, you’ll get a generous serving of food. This restaurant is a top destination in Anchorage if you want to enjoy tasty Korean food!


Korean Garden

Website | (907) 522-5556 | 300 E Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515

Aside from offering the best value in town, Korean Garden boasts the best bang for your buck. With its sleek design and purposeful menu, this modern Korean restaurant is a delight to dine in. It offers plenty of traditional food for those who want something classic, but it also has an exciting hint of global flavors that delight diners looking for something new! 

With Bibimbap, Jjim, and Jeongol, along with a variety of soups and stews, the restaurant features Korean cuisine at its finest! Vegetables, meats, and seafood― are all featured on the menu, which would satisfy any palate. Dumpling soup filled with meat and vegetables is one of their best offerings. Korean barbecue is also available at this restaurant. 

An elegant atmosphere, unique light fixtures, and beautiful artwork adorning the restaurant’s walls will make you want to stay and chat with friends or family over a hot meal. For those with a rushed schedule, they offer a takeaway option, too, so you can order your food to go!