Ammo-Can Coffee Social Club, located on the Kenai Spur Highway in Soldotna, Alaska, has served the community since 2015. It’s not just a coffee shop but a place where people come together to share warmth and camaraderie amidst the rugged wilderness. The café offers a unique blend of traditional and modern flavors and embodies the values of faith, family, freedom, and friendship.

Step through its doors, and you’ll be greeted by the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, mingling harmoniously with an atmosphere of quiet reverence. Here, the morning ritual transcends mere caffeine intake; it becomes a moment of reflection, an opportunity to find solace in the familiar.

Yet, Ammo-Can is more than just a spot for individuals seeking a caffeine fix. It’s a cozy nook where families come together, generation after generation, to share stories and create lasting memories. Picture grandparents sipping their favorite brew while imparting wisdom to wide-eyed grandchildren—an enduring bond steeped in warmth and love.

Moreover, Ammo-Can pays homage to the patriots who fought for liberty, with their walls adorned with tales of courage and sacrifice. In honoring their legacy, the coffee club provides a space where freedom isn’t just a concept—a tangible presence felt in every sip of coffee and shared conversation.

But what truly sets Ammo-Can apart is transforming into a private cultural and social club. Since 2021, it has become a sanctuary for those who cherish the Judeo-Christian foundations of the United States, where conservative culture thrives and values are celebrated.

Patrons are also rewarded for their loyalty through Ammo-Can’s unique Loyalty Cards. Far from generic rewards, these pre-paid and rechargeable cards offer the chance to win back the entire value loaded onto them, with the possibility of snagging a Loyalty jackpot— an exclusive perk befitting the establishment’s patriotic spirit.

Every Saturday, Ammo-Can comes alive with open mic nights, where musicians, poets, and storytellers gather to showcase their talents. It’s a symphony of creativity fueled by caffeine and the courage to share one’s voice and perspective.

Need a place to discuss liberty over a cappuccino? Ammo-Can’s tactical gear and Wi-Fi lounge have got you covered, ensuring that conversations about patriotism and freedom can flourish in a comfortable setting.

Ammo-Can Coffee Social Club is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a manifesto, a declaration that coffee can be a catalyst for something greater.


35559 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna, AK 99669 | +1 907-260-8888 |