If you are looking for a place that tells a remarkably interesting history about Juneau, Alaska, then you are in luck. Wickersham State Historic Site is the place for you. Wickersham State Historic Site, located at 213 7th Street in Juneau Alaska, is only a 12-minute drive from the Aspen Suites Hotel. It was the house of Alaska’s Pioneer Judge James Wickersham and his family.

Judge James Wickersham

James Wickersham was not only a judge, but he was an author and a historian. He was the U.S. District Court Judge from 1900-1907 and promoted the formation of Denali national Park (previously known as the McKinley National Park). He also won the Congress’ favor to put up the Alaskan Railroad and the

Wickersham House

The Wickersham House was a huge large Victorian home on top of the “Chicken Ridge.” It contains old photographs, Alaskan artifacts and vintage furniture from the Gold Rush Era. The house was opened to public by Judge Wickersham’s wife after his death. Tourists must climb several steep stairs to reach the entrance of this house.

Historical Significance

The Wickersham House became a historical site because of all the accomplishments of Judge Wickersham throughout his life. Tourists come from all over the country and from all parts of the world to see the patron’s life through the memorabilia located in his old home.

Through the talents and contributions of Judge James Wickersham, Alaska became the country it is today.