Linda Rosenthal is a world-renowned violinist who dreamed of sharing jazz music with her community. The beautiful combination of the community’s love and support for the theme and the unique natural setting made Juneau the perfect place for a spectacular event of world-class jazz and classical music.

Linda has been recognized for her contributions to the music industry in Alaska with the Mayor’s Award honors for Lifetime Achievement in Arts, governor state legislature, Juneau Arts & Humanities Council, and the University of Alaska Southeast. In 1985, Linda and her husband, Paul Rosenthal, also a violinist, founded the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival. In 1995, Linda and -actor- Bill Blush created a mix of classical music and theater commissioned at the Kennedy Center by the Education Department to introduce string music to young people; they named it the Strings & Stories.

The Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival provides high-quality performances, instructional workshops, educational concerts, and outreach programs every year. This festival brings the beautiful worlds of jazz, blues, and classical music to the Juneau community with live performances and unique artists. 

For the past 37 years, this festival has provided performances from professional musicians from around the country and engagement programs that benefit people of all ages, economic backgrounds, and capabilities. Juneau Jazz & Classical Festival builds community through unique and adventurous musical experiences, extensive community involvement with professional musicians, and purposeful arts education.