Located in the Veterans Memorial Building, the Juneau Douglas City Museum was completed in 1951 and was the first significant community project initiated by the city’s residents. The Museum used to house the Juneau Memorial Library until the mid-1980s when the memorial library outgrew the area, and the Museum took up residence. The city museum’s building also hosted the 4th of July in 1959 for the Statehood Ceremony, where the 49-star flag was first flown in all of Alaska.

The Juneau Douglas City museum is an intimate gem and a historical treasure. This intriguing Museum shows you everything you need to know about the City of Juneau, from its community history to its cultural heritage. Most visitors take 1 hour to complete their museum visit, but if you love to dive into the culture to absorb it, you may spend up to 3 hours. The Juneau Douglas City Museum offers exhibits, tours, and programs, and it also has an award-winning documentary about Juneau on display. 

Walking Tours

The Museum doesn’t end at the building’s walls. From May-September, you can take a 90-walking tour around historic Juneau downtown. These walking tours are led by volunteers that are passionate about the city and are ended with tea and cookies. Monthly thematic walking tours also focus on subjects such as mining history, geology, and true crime.

Fall and Winter Programs 

During these seasons, the Museum is program-oriented, bringing in local artists and experts to present on various topics. This helps keep a sense of community and lets the visitors experience the local culture. There’s also an annual 12 x 12 community art show that’s held in the month of march, where artists of all ages can participate.

Permanent Exhibits

  • General History Gallery: where you can find Juneu’s timeline and information about early pioneers and immigrants
  • City’s fishing history: This exhibit features a centuries-old Alaska native fish trap and commercial fishing and canning
  • Tinglit: Explore the Tinlgit’s rich culture and history and learn how tribes carve and build canoes
  • “Juneau, City Built on Gold”: Enjoy this award-winning 26 minutes documentary
  • Relief 1967 Map: This map shows how drastically the Mendenhall Glacier has transformed

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