The Glacier Silt Soap has captivated locals and visitors in Juneau, Alaska, due to its unique properties. This soap stands out from the ordinary, boasting a patented formula exclusive to Juneau, where the breathtaking presence of glaciers is abundant.

Crafted by a local family, the Glacier Silt Soap is a labor of love, featuring a special ingredient – smooth glacial silt—these remnants of the Ice Age journey towards the sea, creating an excellent, mineral-rich clay powder. Meticulously harvested, heated, and hand-sifted, this glacial silt becomes vital to every bar of Glacier Smoothie soap.

What sets this soap apart is the enchanting magic of glacial silt. With its gentle exfoliating effect, the silt acts as a skin polisher, offering a mild exfoliation that proves beneficial by removing bacteria and dead skin cells, leaving behind a radiant appearance. Paired with glycerin’s moisture-drawing prowess, the result is a bathing experience that refreshes and lingers in memory.

Glacier Smoothie Soaps LLC, the proud producer of Glacier Silt Soap, calls 139 S Franklin St, Juneau, AK, its home. Beyond being a local favorite, the Glacier Silt Soap has become a sought-after attraction for tourists.

The extraordinary nature of the Glacier Silt Soap is underscored by its status as a patented product, boasting United States Patent recognition. This triumphant acknowledgment speaks to the innovation and distinctiveness embedded in this exceptional soap.

The Glacier Silt Soap encapsulates a slice of Alaska, embodying the beauty and abundance of its glaciers. It stands as a testament to detailed craftsmanship and serves as a homage to local culture. Whether you call Juneau home or are a traveler passing through, the Glacier Silt Soap beckons as a must-try. It’s not merely a soap – it’s an immersive experience that invites you to indulge in the essence of Alaska.


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