Don’t let the freezing temperatures keep you away from the beauty of Alaska in the winter!

There are quite a few reasons to visit Alaska during winter, here are some of them:

1. Northern Lights

If seeing the Northern lights isn’t on your bucket list, add it ASAP! The Northern lights shine year round but can only be seen during winter in Alaska due to the 24 hours of daylight in summer. You can also see the Northern lights in Northern Canada and parts of Europe, but Alaska is the best place in the world to view them because Alaska is directly under the auroral oval.

2. Aurora Winter Train

Ride through a winter wonderland on the Aurora Winter Train. The railroad runs year round but the most popular winter routes go all day and allow passengers to hop on and off as they please.

3. Dog Sledding

Winter is the only season that dog sledding is available in Alaska! Watch this tradition sport of dog sledding in action at the Iditarod dog races. This annual dog race is about 1,150 miles long and contestants race from Anchorage to Nome every March. You can even try out a dog sledding tour for yourself at various locations.

4. Skiing

Snowfall is plenty during Alaskan winters, which means skiing is a must! Ski at the popular resorts, try the backcountry, or even cross-country skiing at your own pace.

Pristine, untouched beauty…only in Alaska!