​There is gold all over ​Alaska, and it is far from mined out.​

Check out these gold panning spots to find your glittering harvest.


Visit the El Dorado Gold Mine for a unique panning experience. A two-hour, guided tour takes you through a permafrost tunnel, where Alaska’s mining history comes alive.

Enjoy a walking tour of the mining camp, then meet and talk with Alaska miners as you learn about present-day prospecting methods.

After a short course in gold mining, grab your own ‘poke’ out of the sluice box and try your hand at panning for gold. Everyone finds gold, it’s guaranteed!​

Hope, in the Kenai Peninsula: 

This small town of 200 offers public panning in Resurrection Creek. Hope is an easy day trip from Anchorage and is a popular spot for recreational mining.

There are two specific spots in this area where you have the best odds of finding a small fortune: Near the campsite .25 miles above the footbridge for fine, flat gold and around the recreational mining information sign along the creek bank.


This resort town is home to Crow Creek Mine, one of Alaska’s most renowned hydraulic gold mining operations.

The mine is a sight of historical buildings, antiques, rare mining equipment, beautiful gardens, amazing mountain scenery, hiking trails, and access to explore and prospect on the mine’s original claims.


Perhaps one of the most famous places to gold pan in Alaska, is Juneau. The capital city was names after a gold prospector so naturally people come from all over to find treasure here.

Juneau offers a variety of tours. The Historic Mining and Panning Adventure is a 1 1/2 tour outside Juneau.

This is a history-based tour and guests will leave with an appreciation for prospectors who arrived more than 100 years ago.

The Gold Creek Salmon Bake is a tour plus feast.

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat style meal in the Southeast Alaska rain forest. It doesn’t get much better than Alaskan-caught wild salmon grilling over an open, alder fire.


This is the do-it-yourself epicenter of the world.

Thousands of people come every panning season in the hope of striking gold, however, mining in Nome is not for the faint of heart. The remoteness of the town combined with the short mining season, can make for a very risky excursion.

Bachelor Creek: 

located 80 miles North of of Fairbanks just past Montana Creek on the Steese Highway, this area is open to gold panning, sluice boxes, rocker boxes, metal detectors, and small suction dredges up to 6″.