Grab your fishing gear and head to one of the most secluded and beautiful spots in Alaska, Taku Harbor.

Where is Taku Harbor? 22 miles Southeast of Juneau.

Does Taku Harbor have any history? Yes, Taku Harbor is named after the Taku people in 1848. It was once a trading post named Fort Durham, a salmon cannery, and is now a national landmark. You can still spot the ruins of the salmon cannery with lush greenery growing around it.

Who visits Taku Harbor? Commercial, tour, and recreational boats visit the harbor to fish, crab, camp, and see the beautiful sights.

What does Taku Harbor offer? There are 2 public floats to tie boats up to; Taku Harbor float and Stockade Point float. Taku Harbor float has shore access and 890 lf of side tie moorage and the Stockade Point float does not have shore access with 300 lf of side moorage.

Explore the history and beauty that Taku Harbor has to offer!