Let’s celebrate the longest day of the year the right way!

On this day, June 22nd, Alaska will get 22 hours of daylight.

There are multiple events going on this special day in Anchorage:

1. Solstice Festival and Hero Games – the whole block of Fourth Avenue and Town Square will be closed off for performances, puppet shows, a giant sandbox, firefighter/police games, and more!

2. Mayor’s Marathon and Half Marathon – one of the most popular marathons in Alaska – and how can it now be with these views and daylight!?

3. Slam’n Slam’n Derby – catch the biggest salmon before midnight and win a grand prize!

4. Midnight Sun Baseball – a traditional solstice game begins at 10 pm June 21st and ends in the new day!

5. Moose Pass – an annual party featuring music, food, a beer garden, and more!

Take advantage of Alaska being sunbathed in 22 hours golden of daylight!