You can’t get to Knik Glacier by road, but fortunately there are local tour companies eager to take you to one of the most overlooked gems in the area. Located along the northern ridge of the Chugach Mountains, the glacier is more than 38 miles long and stretches 5 miles wide. The perfect example of Alaska’s “ice rivers,” it’s nicknamed “the sunny glacier” and boasts a microclimate that’s dubbed “rain shadow.” Home to an eclectic ecosystem and shadowed by snowy peaks, waterfalls and hanging glaciers, it’s Alaskan beauty at its finest.

Choose from half-day and full-day adventure tours from local, expert ambassadors that know all the secrets of Knik Glacier. Whether you get there by boat or air, approaching this majestic destination is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ask your front desk staff about recommendations for local touring companies.

Get to Know Knik

Situated 50 miles from Anchorage, Knik isn’t as well-known as some other Alaskan glaciers, but it’s one of the biggest. Ultimately, Knik Glacier feeds the Knik River and ends at the Knik Arm area of Cook Inlet. Lake George is the result of Knik and is close to the glacier face—it’s a National Natural Landmark and a “jökulhlaup” (Icelandic for glacial lake outburst flood). Such flooding occurred every year until 1967, when it stopped due to glacial recession and the Good Friday Earthquake.

It’s said that early settlers held an annual lottery at Knik, placing bets on when the jökulhlaup would occur. The glacier was also featured in 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as part of the ice planet prison. Today, it’s a major attraction for residents and visitors alike.