Anchorage in Alaska has been preserving its sanctuary for both mankind and the wild. Tourists from around the world can enjoy the scenic views of its trails and glaciers and as a bonus the wildlife that lives in the area surrounding the city. When visiting Anchorage, these wilderness sceneries are part of the neighborhood and you should take precautions if you are planning to visit.

Moose in the Neighborhood

When is the best season to visit Anchorage? To fully enjoy the wilderness, it is recommended that you visit during the fall season. This is the breeding season in Alaska and the moose are less wary of their environment and the people around them. They can be found almost everywhere! But do not let your guard down! It is always recommended to be careful. Take care not to make them feel as if you are a threat to them and they will act the same way.

There are No Pink Bears

Many of us think that bears are adorable, but it may not be the same in the wild. Just like with any other species, precautions are imposed when you approach their den in the mountains and forests of Anchorage. Always look for red signs indicating that bears may be in the area. Bears hibernate during the winter months and look for food during the rest of the year. Keep in mind to never ever run away from them.

A Safer Place to Watch the Wild

Be extremely careful when encountering your favorite animal in the wild. For more and detailed safety tips, visit the Alaska Department of Natural Resources website. Safety is of the utmost importance when you wander into the mountains and forests of Anchorage. Another safe option is to watch them from a distance at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. See more and have fun!