No experience is necessary to board an environmentally friendly snowmobile in Girdwood and blast off into the Alaskan tundra to witness the stunning beauty of the state. As you approach the trailhead, the excitement builds! The eco-friendly machines’ heated handlebars keep your hands warm.

Take a glance at this if you want to visit Alaska for glaciers and the trips described below might be of interest to you.

Scenic Mountain Tour

You will enjoy snowmobiling on marked trails beneath the 7,000-foot glaciated peaks of Crow Pass. The tour’s name shows what you will see during the 3.5-hour adventure. The company’s founder, who pioneered expeditions in this area, has unique access to the site. Take in a spectacular view that has been featured in Hollywood films!


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Real Deal

This 5.5-hour adventure will take you around 12 miles into the forest, with photo chances of rocky mountains and vast wilderness along the route. Spencer Lake, a peculiar maze made by calved and frozen icebergs, is home to the glacier. The stunning bright blue ice of Spencer Glacier is your goal.


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Northern Alaska Tour

You could also head north of Anchorage to places like Nelchina, Eureka, Petersville, or even the Willow side of Hatcher Pass for an extensive tour. On the Willow side of Hatcher Pass, you can explore Nelchina, Eureka, Petersville, or Petersville. You will drive your snowmobile over mid-alpine black spruce trees and across the tundra with your guide to a scenic site where you will eat meals and warm refreshments.


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