Situated in Anchorage, Alaska, the House of Bread offers more than just baked goods—it’s a warm, fragrant sanctuary where the craft of bread-making intertwines with community spirit. Let’s explore this local treasure.

At the House of Bread Anchorage, bread-making is an art form. Upon entering, visitors are enveloped in the comforting aroma of freshly baked loaves, each one a testament to the dedication and tradition behind its creation. Here, practice harmonizes with innovation, resulting in a truly magical experience.

Their dedication to quality begins with the ingredients. Flour, honey, and butter form the foundation, sourced meticulously for their simple yet essential role. The wheat flour is sustainably procured from Montana, ensuring purity and goodness. Honey, acting as a natural preservative, imparts sweetness without compromise. Notably, they eschew extra wheat gluten, prioritizing both taste and health.

Prepare to be enchanted by a medley of flavors at the House of Bread Anchorage. Indulge in their exquisite pastries—flaky croissants and generously sized cinnamon rolls that tantalize the taste buds with each bite. Their sandwiches, crafted with freshly baked bread and premium Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, redefine the notion of a satisfying meal.

Beyond its culinary offerings, the House of Bread Anchorage fosters a sense of community. It’s a gathering place where locals come together, sharing stories over coffee and enjoying freshly baked bagels. Here, familiar faces abound, and the camaraderie is palpable. Moreover, the bakery demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by supporting local farmers and implementing eco-friendly practices.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, a trip to the House of Bread Anchorage promises an unforgettable experience. Each delectable bite tells a story of tradition and community, transforming the bakery into more than just a place to purchase bread—it’s a welcoming home where flour becomes magic.


8130 Old Seward Hwy #108, Anchorage, AK 99518 | +1 907-222-1352 |