When it’s a cold and rainy day, there’s nothing better than Udon noodles and a steaming bowl of broth or sharing karaage chicken and edamame with friends over craft beer, sake, or a cheap bottle of sauvignon blanc. In Anchorage, Japanese restaurants combine the best seafood with centuries-old techniques! Whether you’re craving sushi for lunch or Haute sashimi for dinner, there are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Anchorage that serve flavourful, artful dishes! Here are a few of the best Japanese restaurants in Anchorage.


Naruto Japanese Restaurant

Website | (907) 278-3050 | 3600 Minnesota Drive, Anchorage, AK 99503

Operating since 2012, Naruto Japanese Restaurant is an icon for Japanese food in Anchorage. A cute and charming interior decorates the restaurant, and the service at Naruto Japanese Restaurant is quick, so you won’t have to wait too long. It is also fairly priced, even for a student budget, so both a nibble and a feast are cost-effective. 

The restaurant’s extensive menu covers the classics as well as some more inventive items, including sushi, sashimi, karaage chicken, donburi, and udon. 

Among their most popular dishes are the Naruto curry, pork katsu curry, chicken katsu curry, shrimp curry, edamame, gyoza, seaweed salad, and squid salad. Also, don’t miss their sushi balls – rice balls topped with protein seasoned with teriyaki sauce. Visit this restaurant and get ready for an explosion of flavors!


Kobe Teppayaki House

Website | (907) 563-5088 | 3400 Arctic Boulevard, Anchorage, AK 99503

Kobe Teppayaki House quietly tucks away its authentic Japanese flavors with seasonal and local ingredients at Anchorage. Fresh sashimi is prepared with local market ingredients and presented with skill. The care and precision applied by the masters are nothing short of mesmerizing. Grab a seat and watch them at work! 

You can choose from a wide variety of dishes from the menu, but the most popular are Gyoza, Yakitori, Hotate Bacon Scallops, Shumai, Ebi Kushiyaki, Beef Sashimi, Hibachi Salmon, and Bool Ko Kee.

Known for its delicious food and exceptional customer service, Kobe Teppayaki House is a great place to visit. In comparison with other teppanyaki restaurants, the food here is much better. The staff members are so nice and make the atmosphere fun! With excellent food and affordable prices, Kobe Teppayaki is a great place to visit!


Dami Japanese Restaurant

Website | (907) 274-5211 | 3400 Arctic Boulevard, Anchorage, AK 99503

In a shabby shell (EconoInn), just west of Merrill Field, Dami serves excellent Japanese foods and has a koi pond. From the decor to the menu, it has a classic Japanese feel. During your exploration of downtown Anchorage, you can stop here for their own specials. 

Top of the menu includes Gyoza, Tempura Udon, Salmon Kama, Stuffed Tomato, and Baked Dynamite (a sushi roll typically prepared with fish, roe, rice, and mayonnaise) – all worth checking!

There isn’t too much glitz in the design of this restaurant, but it isn’t a bad thing, as having quiet interiors allows the food to shine through. This is what makes Dami the best in fine Japanese dining. Be sure not to leave without trying one of the restaurant’s popular dishes, whether it’s a Dragon Roll or Chicken Teriyaki!



Website | (907) 222-5212 | 1100 West 8th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

You will feel like you are in a traditional Japanese home when you enter Benihana’s cozy space. It is a Japanese eatery in Anchorage owned and operated by a local family. Chefs here are trained to perform Teppanyaki, an ancient art form. With each flip of the food on the grill, the hibachi chefs create a memorable spectacle of clanging grill tools. When preparing your meal, they take precautions for all food allergies that are present at the table. 

Dining out at Benihana with friends is great fun. A variety of delicious hibachi steakasterisks, hibachi steakasterisks, hibachi shrimp, California rolls, steakasterisks, and shrimp, chicken, and shrimp are available at the restaurant. Teppanyaki dishes like Hibachi Steak, Duck, and Shrimp, as well as sushi and sashimi, are also available.

With love, every dish at Benihana is prepared with perfection at reasonable prices! Whether you choose homemade tofu, homemade stock, or hand-picked fish, the food that you will eat here is delicious and rich in flavor!