When done right, the flavors of Greece are simply divine. Besides being flavorful, Greek food is also healthy and delicious. With lean meats, fish, beans, and fresh vegetables, Greek food follows the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet.

There is a diverse food scene in Anchorage with multiple delicacies that are sure to warm your insides. In fact, it is home to some of the finest Greek restaurants in the country. 

Below are a few of Anchorage’s best Greek restaurants. When you can’t make it to Greece but want to taste the fresh Mediterranean cuisine of the peninsular, try these great Greek fare restaurants in Anchorage!


Antonios Greek Bakery & Cafe

Website | (907) 646-1090 | 3020 Minnesota Dr. Ste 19A Anchorage, AK 99503

A restaurant with deep roots in Greek culture, Antonios Greek Bakery & Cafe serves delicious Greek cuisine. It is the place to go if you want authentic Greek food that tastes somewhere between homemade and restaurant style! Even though it’s a totally off-the-map restaurant, the food here is delicious since it’s run by a Greek man! 

There are generous portions at Antonios, and everything served here is fresh and made from scratch. The moussaka, pastitsio, spanakopita, dolmades, potatoes, galaktoboureko, and baklava are the top of the menus.

Antonio’s is a great place to make connections and eat great food if you aren’t from Anchorage but still want to feel at home. So, stop by soon!


Zorba’s Gyros

Website| (907) 227-1855 | 2700 Blueberry Rd Anchorage, AK 99503

In Anchorage, this is unquestionably one of the best Greek restaurants. Everything here, from the great lamb gyro with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, to the lamb sausage with onions and peppers, to the huge Greek salad, is outstanding! 

Their Falafel with Garbanzo fritters (chickpeas), lettuce, tomatoes, red cabbage, and pickle, topped with their famous homemade tzatziki (cucumber) sauce, is must check.

This cute drive-up spot also offers different styles of Gyros and Philly steaks that are freshly made on-site. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are decent. Come here to experience great Greek tastes!


Pizza Olympia

Website | (907) 561-5264 | 2809 Spenard Rd Anchorage, AK 99503

This neighborhood favorite elevates Mediterranean cuisine to a new level. It’s a small, family-run restaurant, and the ingredients and other recipes have been brought over from Greece and Italy. With earthy aromas such as thyme, oregano, and olive oil, Pizza Olympia strives to provide you with the best quality recipes. The decor is also endearing and nostalgic.

Everything served here is made from scratch. Their top of the menu is Moussaka, Saganaki, Vezantio, Kalamarakia, Shishkebab, Pastitchio Baked macaroni, and sauteed Greek spaghetti with traditional spices, fresh garlic, and parsley. Also, their Chicken Oregano Boneless chicken breast broiled with Greek spices and served with potatoes is worth checking.

Olympia Roast Leg of Lamb and Greek lamb stewed in Greek olive oil, fresh garlic, oregano, and other herbs, served with oregano potatoes and pasta topped with Marinara sauce, are their Greek specials. Also, don’t skip their wine list, which covers Greece and beyond. Visit this place for the best Greek culinary experience in Anchorage.


Pita Pit

Website | (907) 344-7482 | 11108 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK 99515

Despite its location in the middle of downtown, the eatery provides a tranquil Greece retreat from the hustle and bustle. Those looking for a sophisticated setting with excellent food should definitely give this place a try. There is a Mediterranean feel to the atmosphere of the Pita Pit, which is warm and inviting.

At Pita Pit, each pita is customized exactly how you want it. In addition to the Build Your Own options, you can also choose from some of their Specialty Pitas that have been fan favorites for a long time. Would you like something classic? Their Chicken Caesar, Gyro, and Chicken Souvlaki are all excellent. 

Known for its affordable and high-quality food, this casual Greek restaurant welcomes customers with a warm smile. Local resources and ingredients are used in the preparation of their traditionally homemade menu, which brings a unique Greek flavor to your plate. Stop by Pita Pit if you’re craving some authentic Greek flavors!